COCKTAIL KIT: Blueberry Bourbon Limonada

COCKTAIL KIT: Blueberry Bourbon Limonada

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Miss Public's cocktails? Now you can make them at home!
This kit makes 6 x 2 oz cocktails and keeps the mixing easy on you for maximum enjoyment.

Each kit contains:

1 x 375 mL Bulleit Bourbon
1 x 9 oz Public's own blueberry, lemon & cinnamon syrup (with added sortilege liqueur and cardamom bitters)
3 x 355 mL soda
3 x lemons
12 x  dehydrated lemon wheels
6 x Cinnamon sticks

1. Fill preferred glass with ice
2. Add 2 oz bourbon, 1.5 oz syrup, 1.5 oz lemon juice
(optional: peel lemon for zest before squeezing for juice and rub around glass rim)
3. Top with soda. Add 2 lemon wheels and a few strawberries for garnish
4. Stir and Enjoy
(5. Optional: Rinse. Repeat)